Pocky Midi

 Glico has outdone themselves with this new addition to the Pocky line. A true delight for the Pocky Aficionado!

Thick delicious chocolate wrapped around a cookie stick. The Green Tea is made from Matcha mixed with a white chocolate and the chocolate flavor is so thick, you will have a hard time finding the stick.  The chocolate on both flavors is rich and creamy, much like an expensive Swiss Lindt. 

Stop by and try some, 

Mama Sita's Champorado Kit

A breakfast favorite. Rich sweet rice flavored with rich coco .Comfort food to start the day.

Seasonal Pockys

Your choice of Coconut, ChocoBanana or Pineapple Mango. These only come once a year and our supply is very limited. Experience the delicious Pocky with a Island flair!

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