Filipino Recipes

Pinoy Style BBQ Stick
Here is a true Filipino delight. BBQ on a stick. This is always a crowd pleaser. Really quite simple to prep and fun to cook, although you must plan this one the day before your event. The following recipe is a full proof. Even though you will add other ingredients, your main player is the Mama Sita Barbeque marinade mix.  Either in the powdered form or in  thethick rich premixed bottle, this will be the perfect base to build your marinade with. This is not a teriyaki style, this is True Pinoy!!!
 - 2 lbs of Pork shoulder or Chicken thigh meat.  A bit of fat is required or the meat will become dry.
- Mama Sita BBq marinade either in bottle or packs. 
- 3 cloves of garlic ,minced - ½ onion thin sliced- 4 slices of fresh Ginger(omit if using Ginger Ale)
- Calamansi juice (theFilipino lime) -  ¼ cup fresh juice or 3-4 packets of frozen juice
- Banana catsup - 1/2 cup  Plain or Spicy  Myre prefers Jufran Brand  ***USED ON THE FINISH****
- Lemon lime style soda(sprite, 7up ect. ) for a twist try Coco Rico coconut soda or Ginger Ale – 8 oz
 - 1 tsp black pepper(optional)
- sesame oil - 2-4 drops(optional)
- Bamboo skewers, 10” or 12” This will give you between 12-20 sticks depending upon how much meat you place on the skewer

1.    Cut the meat in ½ inch thick strips; allow some fat to remain on the meat. Remove the excess fat if you are watching your diet, leave it on if not (Tasty)
2.     Mix the marinade ingredients together in a large bowl.  Add onion, minced garlic, calamansi juice,and optional ingredients.   Add the meat and  cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate   overnight. ****CAUTION***DO NOT USE A METAL PAN OR BOWL. THIS WILL IMPART A METALIC FLAVOR*****

Helpful Hint: If you are in a pinch for time, you may marinade the meat at room temp for 2 hours then constantly baste the meat while cooking.  Start soaking your skewers when you start your meat marinating.

3.     The next day, pre-soak the bamboo skewers in water for about 20minutes. Then skewer the meat pieces into each bamboo stick, allowing approximately 6 to 7 pieces on each one.

4.     Pre-heat the outdoor barbecue grill to a low  to medium heat.   Grill the barbecued meat and continually rotate the sticks. Thismarinade is sugar based and it will burn it not carefully tended. Your meatshould stay moist and shinny. Once it begins to bown and almost done, startbrushing on the banana catsup.   Continue to rotate sticks and baste. Your BBQshould be moist and tender.  Total grilling time should take about  20-30minutes.  Don't be surprised if you can't get the stick on the plate, people seem to hover around the grill on this dish.